Elizabeth Beach

Elizabeth BeachElizabeth Beach is located in the northern part of Pacific Palms (500m from Boomerang) and it is perhaps the most picturesque of the three beaches, with vistas that sprawl the coastline toward Forster. It is one of only a handful of beaches in NSW that faces north, therefore it is generally protected from the rougher seas making it ideal for the younger family and snorkelling enthusiasts.

In the middle of the beach is the local Pacific Palms surf club and they patrol Elizabeth Beach through the summer periods. Unlike Blueys + Boomerang, Elizabeth or `Lizzy` beach as its known, does not have any residential development on the beach. There are fabulous bush and headland walks off either end of Lizzy and there is plenty of parking and a small BBQ reserve area - it is also the host to the ever growing `battle of the boats`.

Elizabeth Beach is one of the few north facing beaches on the NSW coast. It is enveloped by National Park and shares a gentle headland with the hidden gem "Shelly Beach". Patrolled in season by the revamped Pacific Palms SLC (which offers dining during the school holidays and year round gym use if a member), it offers safe swimming for all ages and is home to the Battle of the Boats and Easter Rock to Rock swim.

Most of the residential village of Lizzy is setback from the actual beach itself and across the board, offers more affordable real estate then the neighbouring Boomerang and Blueys Beaches. Wallis Lake is also ‘just over the hill’ and there is a local jetty, boat ramp and grassed foreshore area that is a perfect place to unwind for the day if the surfs up!

Also home to the famed ‘Reccy Club’ (which is on the lake), local tennis club, children`s day care centre and the community centre were the monthly Sunday markets are held – Elizabeth Beach is fast becoming a home to many. Just 15 minutes into Forster and three hours from Sydney `s north side.